Friday, January 15, 2010

Soaring with the Eagles....

Scouting is huge in our family. Steve is an Assistant Scout Master (4+ years) and I'm the Scout Advancement there was NO WAY Jeff could avoid scouting...not that he has ever wanted to. He's always loved scouts....loved going to scout camps....monthly campouts...and his favorite, the winter campouts...burrrrrr.

It all began in Cub Scouts.....(this is Jeff as a Bear (9 years old)......awwww....and he's still good friends with the 2 boys on both sides of him, Logan and Carson.

Jeff absolutely loved having his dad attending the campouts with him. The 2 of them have great fun together...and I have to say, Steve has enjoyed every moment too.

Having fun at a snow campout!

Just last September, Jeff earned his Eagle rank (a week after his 14th birthday). Steve and I scheduled Order of the Arrow to put on his Eagle Court of Honor on December 19th. He shared this special day with his good friend, Jake...who earned his Eagle a month after Jeff. They've been best friends since they were 4 and were even baptized on the same day when they were 8.
Jeff was inducted into OA a few months ago and looks forward to participating in this service organization.

Jeff, Jake and their Scout Master..and 11 year older leader, Jay Lunt.

We're proud of you've work hard and you deserve this! We love you!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bound for Missouri....

Last month, early December, I was able to fly to Missouri....with my dad....NO HUSBAND...NO KIDS...(all whom I dearly love)...just me and dad. My nephew, Richard, was getting married in Kansas City - so I was able to go to his wedding...along with seeing 2 brothers and their families and 1 sister and her family who all live in Missouri. As an extra bonus, another nephew, Corban, was expecting his mission call and received it the day of the wedding - it was fun to all be together when he opened it. It was so great to see everyone and just enjoy the family I don't see often enough. By the way my Missouri's 70 degrees here in Arizona right now.....a great time of year to come visit me!

So these are the highlights of my trip....

My nieces can make up some seriously cute raps. You go girls!

We had a girl picture......

And a guy picture (my brothers and dad)!

Of course, mom 'read' some feet.....that was fun....

And I even got a foot rub in.....(she's getting her reflexology training hours in)...glad I could help out.

My siblings and I at the wedding.

My cute nieces -- yes, I have adorable nephews....somewhere....

Oh, here's a few of them.

My brother and mom.

My nephew Richard and his new bride Sarah.

As I mentioned at the beginning, my nephew received his mission call the morning of the wedding. The only time our entire family was together was at the wedding in the evening. So after the bride and groom cut the cake, several of us disappeared into an empty room so Corban could open up his call.......sooooo exciting -- he was called to serve in San Jose, CA on Feb. 10th. Congrats Corban!