Saturday, July 31, 2010

Starr’s Sensational Summer

Ya, that Starr is one lucky girl. She went on a girls trip with good friends -- Carmen, Ally, and Janae to SLC for a week – mainly temple hopping. Since the 3 girls that went were all recently 12, this was a new experience. EIGHT temples in ONE week – Amazing. They loved doing all the baptisms and seeing all the beautiful temples. They also found time to go to the Stadium of Fire in Provo (on July 4th) to see Carrie Underwood. And of course, no trip to SL is complete without a day a Lagoon!!!

The BRAVE mom – Carmen….37576_146760268673978_100000200180246_442743_7070794_n


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And being into fitness as much as Carmen is….she dragged the girls up to hike the ‘Y’ in Provo. Bribing them with the Provo Creamery ice cream afterwards didn’t hurt either. 38007_146761122007226_100000200180246_442801_1038985_n

Our future missionaries…..39478_146761205340551_100000200180246_442805_6357655_n

I was on my way up to Utah as the girls were suppose to return home… Starr was dropped off at Jillian’s house (her good friend who moved to SLC a few years ago) to spend a few days while I made my way to pick her up.


What a great experience for Starr. I’m so grateful. And they’re already planning another trip for next year!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer - NYLT

I know it’s been a while, I but I just wanted to go back to record our summer break. It was good. Real good. Everyone was so busy this year – perhaps that was the trick to a good summer….yep, I think so.

Jeff went to NYLT (National Youth Leadership Training) for Boy Scouts. How we talked him into that, is beyond me. I think we were just so convincing, he didn’t feel like he had a choice. When he did rarely complain (at the end) ,we would remind him how great it would look on his resume and college applications…then he was fine. He started taking the classes in February – they were monthly and took up many of his Saturdays and by the time June came, he had went through the program and was able to serve on staff for new boys in NYLT. His assignment was kitchen Quartermaster – so he was assistant cook all week….and actually loved it. After coming home, he gave me an entire lesson on cutting watermelons….I had no idea I was doing it wrong all this time. He also had to teach classes. What a great experience! I love Scouting!