Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring Break – March

Okay, I’m testing out a new program – a blog writer in Windows Live Writer.  I thought I’d try it out on our Spring Break pictures since I haven’t posted it yet.

This was the first time in AGES we haven’t been in San Diego during Spring Break.  With Tate going through his chemo again, my sister and her husband back in college and our week not being the same as my sister’s kids spring break, we decided to just hang out at home.   Yes, I did my share of pouting.  At least the weather was gorgeous.

We did some indoor rock climbing……spring 2010 027

We had to spend time at Mignon’s and get our “Jack fix”.  We just love their puppy….and my kids have become quite attached.

spring 2010 017 

spring 2010 014

Our big highlight was going to the Wild Animal Park and Aquarium with Terri and Jessica – it was a first for our family.  We normally just go to the Phoenix Zoo, so this was something different.

spring 2010 053 spring 2010 050

Feeding the giraffe – yes, that’s Starr….ugh.

spring 2010 116 spring 2010 099spring 2010 130  spring 2010 135  spring 2010 067  

Lots of hands on stuff, as you can see.  It made it all…..ummmm…interesting.  Great fun.