Friday, February 27, 2009

Silly Girls!

Ever go to upload your pictures on the computer and find some strange stuff? That was my recent experience....and boy, did I get a kick out of it! So this is Starr's punishment -- nah...I'm kidding, she gave me permission to post this. I only wish the lighting was better. I thought the funniest part was Emi trying so hard to imitate Starr.... girls girls girls.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Growing Up!

Joshua finally qualified for the Amanecer preschool program with the Gilbert School District last week (due to his speech delay) and started his very first day of school Monday.....ahhhhhh
He has been so excited -in a very non-verbal sort of way. He really did seem to somewhat understand what was happening. It was so fun to go shopping with him to pick out his new backpack -- I had no idea they made them sooo small!

What a sweet guy...already to leave for school!

Crap, I forgot to feed him lunch at home before we left...good thing it's a good 10 minute drive there!

Taking one last look -- I see a bit of hesitancy. And there were only a FEW tears (from both of us).

This is his ENTIRE class. They just opened up a new classroom last week and hired a new teacher. So right now there's only a teacher (the redhead), an aide, and one other little girl. The teacher said she's hoping to have around 5 kids by spring break and the class will eventually top out at 10 kids.

What did I do with part of my free afternoon? Went to lunch with my good friend, Julie, of course! She always makes me laugh!

I had to take a picture of this sign because between Julie and I, we have 10 kids...and I think this is the first time in 10 years we've ever gone out together "childless" as we walked into the restaurant we started laughing because the ONE TIME we bring no kids we see this.....figures!
Oh, and I show up to pick of Josh and there's a firetrucks, ambulance, a half dozen police cars and policemen all over the playground. Pretty much scared me half to death to drive up to this. Come to find out something had happened to someone in the area and had to be transported by ambulance to the school because the school yard was the only place big enough to land a medical helicopter for this person to be airlifted. No kids from the school could leave until this was done (and it was well after 3pm) I waited and waited and waited.....

But he survived and LOVED it! His teacher is determined to get him to talk -- and I love her optimism....more power to her!

Colors of the Rainbow!

My blogging has seriously been slacking lately....I'll try to do better....just prepare yourself for the this post.

I just discovered Bountiful Baskets...I've lived here for YEARS and just barely found out about them -- what gives? Anyway, you bring your own laundry basket to your closest pick-up location (ours is the city park down the street) and you transfer the basket of goodies to your own basket. It's strictly a volunteer organization and I was amazed with all I brought home for a mere 15 bucks! These baskets however are nearly over flowing with produce. Of course you have to order and pay online (before a certain deadline) and be on time for the EARLY pick-up on a Saturday morning (the loss of sleep is worth it, believe me). But it's perfect for my family of relatively non-picky eaters...they were so excited. Oh, and you never know what you're going to get each time -- they just say it's 50% fruit, 50% veggies....a surprise basket -- how fun is that!??

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!

A very long time ago....50 years exactly to this date...there once was a couple who was brave enough to be married on the superstitious date of Friday the 13th. Legend has it that these 2 are still happily married to THIS DAY!

These 2 are truly amazing people! I feel privileged to have had them in my life for the past 20 years. Steve is a large of part of who he is because of them. They are wonderful examples and we couldn't have asked for more supportive parents. Even though they live thousands of miles away, they make it a priority to be at every baptism, baby blessing, or any other special event in our family.

Next month (our spring break), our family will head up to Washington to celebrate with family and friends the 50th anniversary of this marriage! Steve and I can both remember attending each one of our grandparents 50th wedding anniversaries and we both remember what a special event each one was and we're so grateful our children will have their own memories of this special occasion with their own grandparents!

So, here’s to you two, George Philip and Barbara Allene Hartman! May you continue to be blessed in your posterity and have many more days of health and fun!
Oh, I checked to see if that “Shot Gun Wedding” at Raw Hide, Arizona at Dad’s 70th birthday party bash was legal and binding in all 50 states, including Puerto Rico………………… is.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

They're off!

The training wheels, anyway! Jeff took them off Joseph's bike this afternoon and then Joseph got on his bike and just zoomed off! He even knew how to use the breaks. No need to run beside him so he wouldn't fall off or about ready!
Guess I underestimated him.....
Steve liked being right about this one.
I hate it when that happens.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sunny Afternoons.....

Some of you are complaining I haven't blogged in a while...well, it's been pretty uneventful around here -- so I just thought I'd record (for journaling sake) how I spend most afternoons between 3-5pm.

I usually sit right here in my front yard and watch my little kids play in our extended front yard...otherwise known as....the church parking lot.

Just a bunch of cuteness they are and so happy to be outside playing!
Joseph BADLY needs his training wheels taken off...but not sure if he has the confidence yet to handle it. Or maybe I'm just too lazy to teach him. Yep, that's probably it. That will be a later post!

And this little guy waits by the door anxious to get outside and play when the kids come home from school -- his short legs don't quite reach the pedals on his Diego trike -- so he rides it "Flintstone style" and is pretty darn fast, too!

And if I get REALLY lucky, Starr and her cute friends show up on their Ripstiks! They are usually traveling through the neighborhood....

I need to appreciate the convenience of sitting in front of my house while I can because in 6 weeks, 4 of the kids will start softball/t-ball/baseball until May...and then my sitting location changes! But, I love this time of year....I need to enjoy it while I can....because before I know it the HEAT will arrive!!!!

Oh and totally off the subject.....Josh needed some dental work done -- we couldn't decide between gold or silver...but thought the silver looked best.

Just kidding...fake teeth.

On Track for Eagle.....

Jeff had a Boy Scout Court of Honor on Thursday night where he received more merit badges and his Life rank. He's now officially finished with all of his required merit badges and only has his project left to do...but first he needs to find one -- (I think this is the hardest part) and he's finding out that the right hospital workers for him to talk to are hard to get ahold of. (So if anyone out there has contacts with Phoenix Children's or Desert Banner let us know). For the next little while, I'm serving as our ward Eagle Specialist, so Jeff and I are learning about this process together!