Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Growing Up!

Joshua finally qualified for the Amanecer preschool program with the Gilbert School District last week (due to his speech delay) and started his very first day of school Monday.....ahhhhhh
He has been so excited -in a very non-verbal sort of way. He really did seem to somewhat understand what was happening. It was so fun to go shopping with him to pick out his new backpack -- I had no idea they made them sooo small!

What a sweet guy...already to leave for school!

Crap, I forgot to feed him lunch at home before we left...good thing it's a good 10 minute drive there!

Taking one last look -- I see a bit of hesitancy. And there were only a FEW tears (from both of us).

This is his ENTIRE class. They just opened up a new classroom last week and hired a new teacher. So right now there's only a teacher (the redhead), an aide, and one other little girl. The teacher said she's hoping to have around 5 kids by spring break and the class will eventually top out at 10 kids.

What did I do with part of my free afternoon? Went to lunch with my good friend, Julie, of course! She always makes me laugh!

I had to take a picture of this sign because between Julie and I, we have 10 kids...and I think this is the first time in 10 years we've ever gone out together "childless"....so as we walked into the restaurant we started laughing because the ONE TIME we bring no kids we see this.....figures!
Oh, and I show up to pick of Josh and there's a firetrucks, ambulance, a half dozen police cars and policemen all over the playground. Pretty much scared me half to death to drive up to this. Come to find out something had happened to someone in the area and had to be transported by ambulance to the school because the school yard was the only place big enough to land a medical helicopter for this person to be airlifted. No kids from the school could leave until this was done (and it was well after 3pm)....so I waited and waited and waited.....

But he survived and LOVED it! His teacher is determined to get him to talk -- and I love her optimism....more power to her!


Barbara said...

This is truly a milestone for both of you. I am so glad Josh did well and is getting the extra training...and you have a little free time. That's quite a concept after all these years!!

Kreanna said...

What a sweet guy! This will be such a great experience for both of you. And, who doesn't love a little bit of free time? :)

Lisa said...

Cool, Joshua is in preschool. I was gonna ask if you wanted to start up a play group for our little guys. But I'm too late. He looks very grown up with his backpack. :)

Anonymous said...

He's so adorable! What a big day for him. And for you. :) It's nice having free time during the day, isn't it?

Thomas had a speech delay too. He didn't say a word until just before he turned 3. And it took eight months of speech therapy for that to happen. As great as it was having him in Early Intervention and getting services at home, it wasn't until he started preschool (after he graduated from EI. He still got all his services at preschool, too) that he really started talking.

Teresa said...

Emi said to bad I was at school or steve says shnool.