Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!

A very long time ago....50 years exactly to this date...there once was a couple who was brave enough to be married on the superstitious date of Friday the 13th. Legend has it that these 2 are still happily married to THIS DAY!

These 2 are truly amazing people! I feel privileged to have had them in my life for the past 20 years. Steve is a large of part of who he is because of them. They are wonderful examples and we couldn't have asked for more supportive parents. Even though they live thousands of miles away, they make it a priority to be at every baptism, baby blessing, or any other special event in our family.

Next month (our spring break), our family will head up to Washington to celebrate with family and friends the 50th anniversary of this marriage! Steve and I can both remember attending each one of our grandparents 50th wedding anniversaries and we both remember what a special event each one was and we're so grateful our children will have their own memories of this special occasion with their own grandparents!

So, here’s to you two, George Philip and Barbara Allene Hartman! May you continue to be blessed in your posterity and have many more days of health and fun!
Oh, I checked to see if that “Shot Gun Wedding” at Raw Hide, Arizona at Dad’s 70th birthday party bash was legal and binding in all 50 states, including Puerto Rico………………… is.


Teresa said...

Oh, and wonderful mother-in-law. Could this be considered your card cuz I forgot to get one in the mail to you? It would ease my guilt tremendously. **smile** See ya next month!

tidwell said...

Okay this is too funny. My parents 50th anniversary is today to.

Barbara said...

Teresa, my darling daughter, a personal, customized card is the very best. Thank you for the loving words. We are truly blessed in all our children.

Urie's said...

oh and mom, me too! I forgot your card. very busy planning your reception I forgot about the real day. Teresa did a great job on this entry. I love you both. I am very greatful you guys got married. or I would not be here.

Stacey said...

You and Steve will be celebrating the same anniversary before you know it. That is so SO Awesome!