Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jeff.

And our August birthdays end here...finally. Today, Jeff turned the ripe old age of 13 -- he's so excited to be an official TEENAGER!

Jeff's such a great kid -- I don't think many get sweeter and more loving than our Jeffman. He celebrated today with 3 of his closest friends at Golfland arcade for 2 hours and then home for pizza and Wii. (And he can't wait until he's old enough to actually invite girls to future parties -- what???) Happy Birthday, Jeff!!!
Oh man, he was the CUTEST KID. What happened...kidding. He's still as cute as ever.

Jeff requested German pancakes for breakfast -- yes it takes this much to feed all of us.

Oh, 2 hours before the party started, Jeff's cousin, Becca, showed up as a surprise to "kidnap" Jeff for lunch at Nondo's. He loved it...especially the chocolate nachos. (Thanks, Becca!)

I only let Jeff invite 3 other friends (we only have 4 wii remotes, okay?) -- he would have loved to invite more. Such goofy kids - but they were alot of fun. I'd take them over 9 squealing 8-year old girls anyday. :)
Jeff requested an ice cream cake for his birthday -- so I took the liberty of making an "ice cream dessert". It was so easy and saved me a bizillion dollars from having to buy one. It's just ice cream sandwiches fitted together on the bottom of a 9 x 13, topped with whipped cream (18 oz), Carmel, and crushed candy bars. Oh so yummy and rich. All in all, he said this was the best day EVER!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Slumber Party Fun

We made history today by allowing STARR to go to her FIRST ever birthday slumber party at a close friends house. Typically, OCCASIONALLY, we allow our kids to have a sleepover at a friends house, but they all realize that they are few and far between so they know not to ask often. We're known to encourage "late nights" instead. I guess you would say, Steve and I are somewhat overprotective in a way. We just like to know where our kids are, and besides that, they're usually so tired by the time we get them back, that they're useless the next day. Anyway, for just this week, Starr thinks we're nice. And besides that, it's been fun seeing her so excited --

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Goal Met!

Remember this?
Well, today we put in the order for Rock Band Wii and it should arrive in a few days -- just in time for Jeff's 13th birthday next Saturday! The kids are so excited and proud of themselves...they should be...they worked hard and were focused. Fortunately, we clean Steve's office at work for extra money and most of their share went right into the jar? They were telling me this afternoon the next thing they want to save for now is the 2nd guitar (because it only comes with one). Bring it on.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

First day of School, FINALLY!

Okay all you grandparents, uncles, aunts, or people who care :)... I have my camera back, so here's the first day of school photo. I honestly can't remember why I didn't take individual photos of each child. I must have been in a hurry (as usual - you try getting 4 kids off to school in the morning with a houseful of company).

Ready for a school report? Jeff really enjoys being OUT of elementary school and in Jr. High. He says JH is hard (we expected that) but enjoys lunch (not surprised). Starr is in 5th grade with Ms. Castle (she calls her a screamin' meanie)and the bright spot is that her BFF, Janae, is in her same class - FINALLY. Emi is in 3rd grade with Mrs. Allen -- we don't know much about her because she was in a car accident this summer and finally returned to the class room 2 days ago. All Emi says is that she seems nice...whew! Joseph is in Kindergarten with Ms. Baker and says they are doing "baby stuff" like learning colors and how to write their name and wants me to move him up to 2nd grade. HUH? We'll give him some time -- that's what happens when they attend early Kindergarten the year before. I've decided Ms. Baker must be a good teacher, because Joseph just told me yesterday that the school principals daughter is in his she must be awesome. This is probably the first year I've put them in school and have been so unfamilar with all of their teachers - Ahhhh, such is life.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Funs Over....Or just Beginning?

We're just ending the 2nd week of school being back into full swing. I did take back to school pictures of my kiddos but misplaced my camera at my brothers wedding reception -- and darn, it was found -- I mean, yeah, it was found. My brothers were giving me a hard time because at the reception I went to Steve and started complaining to him about our I really wanted one with a bigger zoom and larger flash....30 minutes later I couldn't find my camera. Steve thought it was pretty fishy...and my brothers wondered if I actually thought to remove my SD card before I "lost" it. I REALLY did misplace it...REALLY....and it was eventually found and will be returned to me Saturday. Anyway, where was had all of my back to school photos on it. Okay, so ONE group photo of my elementary kids because I've learned taking back to school pictures of boys (or a certain boy) going into Jr. High is not so cool.

In honor of my brothers wedding, we had lots of family come visit. I have 6 other siblings and half live here, the other half live in Missouri and one sister in San Diego. All of my parents came down (2 sets). The wedding was last week - the day after school started, so while I put my kids in school, I would go play with worked beautifully (although my kids wouldn't agree). We did have many late nights and we played hard. My sister brought down our nieces (my brothers daughters), I hadn't seen them since they were little girls - but they were so much fun. My kids instantly bonded with them and so did I -- I used to dread the day I had teens, but after spending a week with them, I'm actually looking forward to it.

Joseph torturing poor Abish while she's trying to read Breaking Dawn

Solana and Starr

My brothers Ivan and Paul playing the Wii

The girls cousins at my sisters... 1, 2, 3...


And finally the big day. The bride and groom (Bryce and Heidi) with mom and Paul and dad and Ruth.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Great to be 8!

Emaree (aka squeeky) officially turns the big 8 years old today! Doesn't seem like that long ago I spent a long sweltering summer pregnant (I remember I had the best tan that summer from basically living in the swimming pool). We have been so busy with company and with my brother's wedding last week that this day has really crept up on us. Emi's big plan today is to go to Build-a-Bear after school and then to have a family dinner...and on Saturday she'll celebrate with a few friends. She's also looking forward to her baptism next month...yeah!!!

Emi's grown up so fast...and what a sweet girl. She's probably the most observant of any of my children -- she can practically tell when I change my color of lipstick. She loves to help her mom and dad, in fact, her dad has always calls her "daddy's bestest princess helper" because she's the most willing of all the kids to jump in and do whatever she can to help out with anything. Emi adores her friends and family, loves to swim (dive), draw, and read. We love you Emi, Happy Birthday!

Friday, August 1, 2008

New Pool Discovery....

Nope, no exotic vacation for us...but we did find a new aquatic center that just opened last month. I have to admit, I am a little leary of public pools these days, but this one looked too fun, and with only 3 kids home, I was desperate for some good cheap fun. And CHEAP it is...only 50 cents for kids and 1.50 for adults. It's called Mesquite Groves Aquatic Center and is next to Basha High on Val Vista/Riggs (clear in the middle of the boonies).

There was a fun splash area for little ones...

Also a fun little playground structure in the water (Josh loved it).

And last but not least, Joseph's favorite, a lazy river -with tubes-. Oh there was also a small vortex in a different area.

Back to my kids....I'm really missing my older ones who are due home Monday night. Just in time for school to start Wednesday. I'm glad at least a couple of my kids were able to get away, because it sure wasn't much of a break for me --- 3 kids are still ALOT of work.