Friday, August 29, 2008

Slumber Party Fun

We made history today by allowing STARR to go to her FIRST ever birthday slumber party at a close friends house. Typically, OCCASIONALLY, we allow our kids to have a sleepover at a friends house, but they all realize that they are few and far between so they know not to ask often. We're known to encourage "late nights" instead. I guess you would say, Steve and I are somewhat overprotective in a way. We just like to know where our kids are, and besides that, they're usually so tired by the time we get them back, that they're useless the next day. Anyway, for just this week, Starr thinks we're nice. And besides that, it's been fun seeing her so excited --


Lisa said...

We do "late nights" with our kids too.

Tammy said...

not over protective just loving, we were always glad to know we were the mean parents it is cool, don't ya know , after all they wouldnt be so excited for the next time. You are awesome parents, some wise person said, "kids need boundries"