Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jeff.

And our August birthdays end here...finally. Today, Jeff turned the ripe old age of 13 -- he's so excited to be an official TEENAGER!

Jeff's such a great kid -- I don't think many get sweeter and more loving than our Jeffman. He celebrated today with 3 of his closest friends at Golfland arcade for 2 hours and then home for pizza and Wii. (And he can't wait until he's old enough to actually invite girls to future parties -- what???) Happy Birthday, Jeff!!!
Oh man, he was the CUTEST KID. What happened...kidding. He's still as cute as ever.

Jeff requested German pancakes for breakfast -- yes it takes this much to feed all of us.

Oh, 2 hours before the party started, Jeff's cousin, Becca, showed up as a surprise to "kidnap" Jeff for lunch at Nondo's. He loved it...especially the chocolate nachos. (Thanks, Becca!)

I only let Jeff invite 3 other friends (we only have 4 wii remotes, okay?) -- he would have loved to invite more. Such goofy kids - but they were alot of fun. I'd take them over 9 squealing 8-year old girls anyday. :)
Jeff requested an ice cream cake for his birthday -- so I took the liberty of making an "ice cream dessert". It was so easy and saved me a bizillion dollars from having to buy one. It's just ice cream sandwiches fitted together on the bottom of a 9 x 13, topped with whipped cream (18 oz), Carmel, and crushed candy bars. Oh so yummy and rich. All in all, he said this was the best day EVER!


MaryAnn said...

Happy birthday, Jeff. :) Teresa - I think I need that recipe for German pancakes - they look like something we'd love! Yum. Oh, and I'm with you on the boys party vs. the 8 screamin' girls. Totally understand!

Hartman's said...

Brighton Ward Cookbook!!! Page 46 (Debra Jones recipe).

Lisa said...

Wow thirteen already! Heather has one of those teen birthdays coming up in October. So far she loves Jr. High. What about Jeff?

Tammy said...

I need that german pancake recipe , please. I dont have the cookbook:)