Friday, August 15, 2008

Funs Over....Or just Beginning?

We're just ending the 2nd week of school being back into full swing. I did take back to school pictures of my kiddos but misplaced my camera at my brothers wedding reception -- and darn, it was found -- I mean, yeah, it was found. My brothers were giving me a hard time because at the reception I went to Steve and started complaining to him about our I really wanted one with a bigger zoom and larger flash....30 minutes later I couldn't find my camera. Steve thought it was pretty fishy...and my brothers wondered if I actually thought to remove my SD card before I "lost" it. I REALLY did misplace it...REALLY....and it was eventually found and will be returned to me Saturday. Anyway, where was had all of my back to school photos on it. Okay, so ONE group photo of my elementary kids because I've learned taking back to school pictures of boys (or a certain boy) going into Jr. High is not so cool.

In honor of my brothers wedding, we had lots of family come visit. I have 6 other siblings and half live here, the other half live in Missouri and one sister in San Diego. All of my parents came down (2 sets). The wedding was last week - the day after school started, so while I put my kids in school, I would go play with worked beautifully (although my kids wouldn't agree). We did have many late nights and we played hard. My sister brought down our nieces (my brothers daughters), I hadn't seen them since they were little girls - but they were so much fun. My kids instantly bonded with them and so did I -- I used to dread the day I had teens, but after spending a week with them, I'm actually looking forward to it.

Joseph torturing poor Abish while she's trying to read Breaking Dawn

Solana and Starr

My brothers Ivan and Paul playing the Wii

The girls cousins at my sisters... 1, 2, 3...


And finally the big day. The bride and groom (Bryce and Heidi) with mom and Paul and dad and Ruth.

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