Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Great to be 8!

Emaree (aka squeeky) officially turns the big 8 years old today! Doesn't seem like that long ago I spent a long sweltering summer pregnant (I remember I had the best tan that summer from basically living in the swimming pool). We have been so busy with company and with my brother's wedding last week that this day has really crept up on us. Emi's big plan today is to go to Build-a-Bear after school and then to have a family dinner...and on Saturday she'll celebrate with a few friends. She's also looking forward to her baptism next month...yeah!!!

Emi's grown up so fast...and what a sweet girl. She's probably the most observant of any of my children -- she can practically tell when I change my color of lipstick. She loves to help her mom and dad, in fact, her dad has always calls her "daddy's bestest princess helper" because she's the most willing of all the kids to jump in and do whatever she can to help out with anything. Emi adores her friends and family, loves to swim (dive), draw, and read. We love you Emi, Happy Birthday!


Sugar said...

What a beautiful girl, Can't belive how big she's getting. "8"? Well tell her she needs to slow it down a bit, Cooper still misses her and wants to play princess and fairys with her.

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Emaree! Looking forward to your baptism next month:)
Sister Pulsipher

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Emaree!!! We're excited she's getting baptized too.

mpal said...

Happy Birthday Emi! I loved having you in my Primary class - you are such a sweet and kind girl!

Sister Millett

Sean and Shari Tate said...

Holy cow that one picture of her .... is she in a dance outfit? She looks so much like Amandas picture!
Jenni's "Emmee" had her 8th bday Aug 4th and is getting baptized Sept.20!

Hartman's said...
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