Sunday, August 17, 2008

First day of School, FINALLY!

Okay all you grandparents, uncles, aunts, or people who care :)... I have my camera back, so here's the first day of school photo. I honestly can't remember why I didn't take individual photos of each child. I must have been in a hurry (as usual - you try getting 4 kids off to school in the morning with a houseful of company).

Ready for a school report? Jeff really enjoys being OUT of elementary school and in Jr. High. He says JH is hard (we expected that) but enjoys lunch (not surprised). Starr is in 5th grade with Ms. Castle (she calls her a screamin' meanie)and the bright spot is that her BFF, Janae, is in her same class - FINALLY. Emi is in 3rd grade with Mrs. Allen -- we don't know much about her because she was in a car accident this summer and finally returned to the class room 2 days ago. All Emi says is that she seems nice...whew! Joseph is in Kindergarten with Ms. Baker and says they are doing "baby stuff" like learning colors and how to write their name and wants me to move him up to 2nd grade. HUH? We'll give him some time -- that's what happens when they attend early Kindergarten the year before. I've decided Ms. Baker must be a good teacher, because Joseph just told me yesterday that the school principals daughter is in his she must be awesome. This is probably the first year I've put them in school and have been so unfamilar with all of their teachers - Ahhhh, such is life.

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