Monday, August 24, 2009

Look Who's 9!!!

We certainly had a busy week last week. Two days after school started, Emi celebrated her 9th birthday! She decided this year she just wanted a little family party - so that's what she received!

Emi and her triple layer fudge cake she requested...yummy!
Make a wish! She said her wish was to have her own Zune (it's like an I-Pod).

And it's just what she got! She was sooooo happy! (Can you tell?)

Then we went bowling for about 2 hours. We all had so much fun!

Josh had fun cheering for EVERYONE. His favorite thing to do was watch the balls come out of the machine after someone bowled.
Josh was even able to bowl -- and had to carry the ball and put it on the rack himself! (Don't worry, it only almost fell on his foot once.)

What a great day! Thanks for sharing it with your family, Emi!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Day of School....

Someday I'll be caught up on my blogging, but for now, I'm pleased to announce the kids started school last Monday (Aug. 10). So far so good -- we had fun this summer, but I was ready to get back into a routine.

Josh is in a preschool class...and of course rides a bus -- still loves it!
Smartie Joseph (who claims his teacher needs to stop giving him 'baby kindergarten work' is in FIRST grade.
Cutie Emaree is in 4th grade -- (wow, already?)
Starr is in her last grade of Elementary school -- 6th grade. She is fortunate enough to have tons of friends in her class too.
My big 8th grader, Jeff, wasn't in a posing mood -- so this is the best shot we got. He received a new bike for an early b-day present and was ANXIOUS to ride it to school. It's been a few years since he's had a working bike, and enjoys his new found freedom (especially riding to QT freedom).

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Farewell to Summer of 09'!

Well, technically, summer isn't over. But since school started on Monday, it may as well be. Just thought I'd review some of our summer went by so quickly!

**Loved our trip to Moab at the beginning of summer!

**My cousins, the Johnson, invited us to Prescott during the 4th of July. How could we refuse getting out of the heat and heading over to beautiful cool Prescott! We had so much fun hanging out with them and Steve's commentary during the parade was immensely entertaining. They've invited us to make this a yearly tradition with them -- how could we refuse!

Yummy berries Joseph picked...and ate....and picked....and ate....
Cousin Bert teaching Emi how to make flower necklaces....

Joseph sitting with cousins waiting for the parade to begin!
Starr, Jessica, and Emi ...waiting...and waiting.....
My aunt Jackie and Mignon say "HELLO"!!!

**Also, during the summer, Jeff took some golfing lessons and was practing his skills on the course at least once a week.
Jeff looks a little like Tiger Woods in the picture, doesn't he?

**Aaahhh....can't forget the Eagle Project....the summer long on-going project of Jeff's. This kept us plenty busy with Jeff and I out soliciting donations from businesses plenty of hot afternoons and then Steve and I hounding him to finish it before school starts! Almost done... he's having a hard time getting a hold the hosp. coordinator to drop them off, but is almost finished with his write-up. With any luck he'll be an official Eagle Scout by mid-September.

**Last, but not least....our trip to San Diego to see my sister and her family. The trip my kids look forward to the VERY MOST!!! They really do adore their cousins that live there -- okay, and the beach!

The "boy party" the boys plan and do every year....Krispy Kreme donuts were the featured attraction.

Now the "girl party"...chocolate dipped goodies and soda.

We LOVED Uncle Tim's tacos!!!!

The kids swimming at my sister's pool!

And we spent one afternoon park-hopping. This is Starr jumping up catching bubbles.

Tate and Jeff
Starr's riding in on a wave. (Personally, you couldn't get me in that water -- it was freezing!)

Fun in playing in the sand.
This is what Joseph spent most of his time doing. A boy's paradise!