Monday, August 24, 2009

Look Who's 9!!!

We certainly had a busy week last week. Two days after school started, Emi celebrated her 9th birthday! She decided this year she just wanted a little family party - so that's what she received!

Emi and her triple layer fudge cake she requested...yummy!
Make a wish! She said her wish was to have her own Zune (it's like an I-Pod).

And it's just what she got! She was sooooo happy! (Can you tell?)

Then we went bowling for about 2 hours. We all had so much fun!

Josh had fun cheering for EVERYONE. His favorite thing to do was watch the balls come out of the machine after someone bowled.
Josh was even able to bowl -- and had to carry the ball and put it on the rack himself! (Don't worry, it only almost fell on his foot once.)

What a great day! Thanks for sharing it with your family, Emi!


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Emi!

Barbara said...

I love these pictures. Just wish I could have been there. It looks like a fun party.