Thursday, August 23, 2007's it goin'?

Okay, here's a quick update. Emi likes school now (thanks to efforts of her new teacher and old teacher) - so tummy issues are now officially closed! I'm still not doing anything for myself, because I can't seem to unbury myself from summertime clutter -- maybe this will happen when the last one turns 18. In the meantime, I've resigned myself to the knowledge my house will never be clean until then. And anyone that knows Steve is wondering what "house project" we have going on now. Well, we are almost done..... can you believe it!!?? Is there such a thing as done with house projects? Okay, well the money for house projects have run out - how's that. So anyway, his current project has been to extend the boys bedroom about 2 feet -- yes, breaking down walls, resheet rocking, etc. So it's been 2 weeks now and the room is painted. Are you ready for the paint colors? Okay, let me explain first. Joseph's most favorite color is ORANGE.....he really really loves the color and when we were choosing the room color - he let us know he wanted it orange. Well, Joseph is so darn cute - we couldn't turn him down so we decided we would do the orange and add a stripe of purple to it also - and make it a Phoenix Suns room! In this case, Jeff (who will share the new room with Joseph), and who is my sports fanatic, is happy also. Anyway, Steve has been busy working every night after work painting baseboards, and molding so the room can done before our company arrives next week. And that's our update. :)

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Kreanna said...

The room sounds totally awesome! You will have to post some pictures of the finished product...I'm sure the boys will love it!