Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Wife....Happy Life!!

After 17 years of marriage, Steve has finally learned this concept. Actually, it was more mutal concent and finally tired of broken down appliances, by which we based our decision on to replace our kitchen appliances....and after shopping around and going back and forth between stainless steel and black, we agreed on black (we are sick to death of white). Crystal checked me into reality today and told me that I probably would NOT be happy with anything after I had them a few months since we agreed there just isn't a perfect color. Anyway, here's my before and after pictures. And for those of you who know I'm on this getting rid of debt rampage, yes, we paid cash and it shouldn't set us back too far on our debt snowball.

This is sooo cute. Once we told Joseph we were replacing the refrigerator, he broke down and cried and cried and cried. He tried to talk us into moving it into his bedroom instead of getting rid of it. How in the world can someone attach themselves to an appliance?? Anyway, we sence this will be our child who won't deal with change well in the ya think? Anyway, to help make him happy, we told him last night we would take a picture of he and the fridge and frame it and put it in his room so he can always remember his precious refrigerator! What a story this will make when he's older, huh? So here's the picture:

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