Thursday, January 1, 2009

San Diego

A couple of weeks home with kids warranted a quick trip to San Deigo last week. My 14 year old nephew, Tate, is THANKFULLY at the end of his intense chemo treatments (for bone cancer) that puts him in the hospital often and for several days at a time, so with that said, our family was going to visit during New Years, but Tate was scheduled for his LAST chemo treatment during that same time, so we bumped it up and left immediately after Christmas so he would be at home. But this meant, we had to leave Steve behind to finish year end inventory at work. I actually don't think he minded the quiet house for a few days...and I know he did go see several movies. My brother and his wife caravaned over with me -- so we had a houseful of people at my sisters -- 14 in all. My kids absolutely ADORE their San Diego cousins and have been bugging us for months to visit. With only 2 full days there, and Tate's immune system running low, we just hung out at her house and let the kids PLAY. They were in heaven.

We played lots of Guitar Hero World Tour.....

This is Tate -- I thought he looked great --- if it wasn't for his pale skin and bald head, you wouldn't even know he was fighting cancer.

I was able to take our truck down, so I loaded up their Christmas bikes and ripstiks for them to enjoy!

This is me with my sister Crystal and little brother Bryce.

The boy cousins -- man, they have so much fun together.

Cooper trying to push Joshua....

Everytime we get together the boys would plan a "party" -- pull their money and buy lots of snacks and sit in a room and play video games.

And while the boys played at their party, the girls would dress up and have a "tea party"....complete with little sandwiches and fancy chocolates.

We're all wishing their family a fun time in Florida at the end of this month for Tate's Make-A-Wish trip to the SUPER BOWL and side trip to Disney World. Can't wait for pictures. Wow, what are the chances of 2 sisters being able to compare Make-A-Wish trips...pretty pathetic if you ask me. We'll be counting down to July when we can visit again -- and bring Steve along with us!


Barbara said...

It was so good to see a picture of Tate with his cousins...up and in the action!! What a joyful time to be with your family. Too bad Steve had to miss.

Ann said...

A quick trip to San Diego. . . I wish we could do that. I made a quick trip to the Mall of America the other day, does that count? Looks like you had a lot of fun. It's always nice to spend time with family. Glad your nephew is feeling a little better.

Stacey said...

Your family is so amazing with all that you have had to deal with. I know you all are a strength to each other. What a blessing and what a strength to the rest of us!

Heather said...

you're right-I would have never guessed your nephew was going through chemo looking at the pictures. I hope he get's better. It's great to be with family. I'm glad you had fun with your siblings.