Thursday, November 12, 2009

Halloween....better late than never!

I know....someday I'll get caught up with my life. Halloween seems like it was so long ago -- which made me think I'd better add pictures before Thanksgiving sneaks up in a few days.

Of course this year was pretty typical of other years, which included, Trunk or Treat at the church beginning at 5pm, and then some of the kids taking off with their friends -- the little boys with Steve-- to do their some trick or treating while I sat outside with my sister, Katie, and my dad, to hand out candy.

This is Steve (punk rocker) with our scary guy Joseph and Farmer Josh. (Yes, still obsessed with farms.)
Our farmer Josh posing with movie star Emi.
Emi posing with a scarecrow that Starr and Emi made with their dad the week before at a daddy-daughter Primary Activity Days night. Of course it's a Nacho Libre scarecrow.

Starr made a cute Alice.

Senor Jeff and the cute little Bee, Jessica. Jeff had to sing for all the people before he could get candy.

Our trunk or treat fun....with a dinner of hotdogs...thanks to the bishopric.
Home after taking the boys trick or treating and handing out candy in the driveway. The weather was gorgeous.

Jeff's friend Logan (we love Logan) dressed as the Mad Hatter so we made Starr pose with him -- she wasn't very happy with us...haha
Once again....a great time!

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Barbara said...

Thanks for sharing. What did Jeff sing to get the candy? When Starr is thinking "not happy" it shows. LOL. Those children are so cute.