Sunday, March 7, 2010


Steve and his best friend, Mark, from Seattle still continue the tradition of rocking out at the Bon Jovi concert whenever they come to Phoenix -- they usually tour every 2 years and this is the 3rd time the 'boys' have come together for the concert. Once again, they took Jeff with them and the 3 of them loved every moment. According the boys wasn't his best concert, but he still puts on a good show.

And since Mark was here in town for a few days, they played hard. The highlights was touring Chase Field - where the D-Backs play, getting a VIP tour of the USAirways Arena where the Suns play, movies, and sitting at home playing Mike Tyson PunchOut on the an old Nintendo. This is the same video game they played when they were roommates at Ricks (aka, BYU-I) over 20 years ago. Last spring, Mark surprised Steve by finding the game, and so Steve surprised Mark by finding an old Nintendo game system to play it on. It kept the boys occupied for hours.

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Barbara said...

Yep, there is more to college than an education. Glad they had a good time.