Friday, September 3, 2010

Next Stop….SLC

After saying our ‘goodbyes’ at the reunion, Jeff and Starr returned home with their Grandma and Grandpa Hartman back to Washington. Steve with the rest of us drove Becca back to Rexburg, only stopping long enough for Steve to get the 1 hour campus tour from Becca he missed on the drive up.

Speaking of Steve, I neglected to mention he flew up to Missoula the Wednesday I was driving up with the kids. He wanted to spend a few days with his good friend, Ken Kanenwisher, before the reunion. He had a great time helping his oldest son with his Eagle Project, floating the river, and just catching up on life. Terri picked him in Missoula and drove him to the reunion.

Okay, where was I…..after Rexburg, we heading to SLC to spend a full day. It had been at least 4-5 years since we had been to SL, and realized our little kids would have been to young to remember much. So we spent the morning at Temple Square…

July Vacation 2010 363

July Vacation 2010 377 July Vacation 2010 368 July Vacation 2010 378

Toured the visitor centers, the museum across the street, the Conference Center and, of course, a stop for lunch at the Lion House fit in there somewhere.

July Vacation 2010 393 July Vacation 2010 396 July Vacation 2010 404

What a great day!

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