Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, I always thought I'd stay 29, but then I started realizing that 29 was really a crappy year for me. I was 29 when we went through that nightmare with Amanda. So why then, would I want to stay 29? I need to pick a better 35 or something. Or maybe I should tell everyone I'm 50 -- that way everyone would say, "50? Dang, you look good for 50!"

Anyhow, I wanted to wear my pj's and lay on the couch and watch movies all day, but not when it's 6 days to Christmas!!!! Maybe I'll do it January 19Th. And can you believe my family didn't fix me breakfast in bed or let me sleep in this morning -- I was up as usual fixing breakfast for THEM and packing lunches. While doing so, I had this conversation with Starr:

Starr: Mom, 40's not THAT old.
Mom: You don't think so?
Starr: Nah, lots of my friends have moms in the 30's and they look like teenagers.
Mom: Are you telling me this to make me feel better?
Starr: Ya, is it working?
Mom: No -- and I'm not sure I know what your point is.

Yes, a typical conversation with Starr I'm afraid. Anyway, after the kids left for school, I ate a nutritious breakfast of chocolate brownies. (Hey, it's my birthday, I can do this!) Then my sweet OLDER sister came over and we took our calloused worn out disgusting feet out for pedicures and and then lunch. My sweet husband also brought me home a dozen roses with a sympathy card during lunch. (Very funny, dear!) Not much planned for the rest of the day, but for those who called, send gifts, cards, left a happy birthday blog, etc, or just even thought of me, thank you!! And this morning, as I was reflecting my life, I did think of one thing worse than turning 40 -- and that would be turning 40 while bring pregnant! UGH!

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Kreanna said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TERESA! Sounds like your day was fullfilling. :) Love the conversation you had with Starr. Too funny!