Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rock Band!

Some of you are asking if we've been able to purchase Rock Band for our Wii yet. Aaaaa, NO. Come on, times are slow in the building industry. However, we do have a jar for the collection that the kids have started. I think it has a whole $15 dollars in it -- only $165 to go! And the kids have suggested to me we add it as a budget item in our household budget so we can contribute to it there also each month. Good things take time -- this will be a good learning experience for the kids.


Heather said...

we borrowed the anderson's one night and tell your kids it's worth the wait! It's loads of fun! We don't have one either. Maybe we need a jar too.

Citizens of Heapsterville said...

We'll donate 5 bucks if we can come play when you get it!!

The Heaps