Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Uncle Jon's Visit

We are downhill for sure now towards school starting -- with less than 2 weeks to go. Scary....nah, exciting, humm...not sure how I'm feeling.

It was a busy weekend for us with Steve's "little" brother, Jon visiting us from Ephrata, Washington. He came down to attend his graduation from Univ. of Phoenix -- why else would a sane person be visiting this place in July? Did I say sane...hummmm....anyway, the guys stayed busy while I tried to keep the kiddoes entertained. Let's just say we swam alot -- and I won't bore you with anymore swimming pictures, however, I will say of the kids all have a nice tans this summer.

They went the 2 Diamondback games, played video games, movies, and more. Not to worry, it will be payback for Steve when my family comes down in 2 weeks.

I forgot to mention, Jon flew back this morning, taking with him Starr and Jeff to spend time with Steve's parents until School starts. Starr is excited about spending quality time with her grammie and Jeff is looking foward to attending another week long scout camp - the same one his dad grew up attending. My life should be interesting with 3 kids under 8 -- I'll miss my babysitters, but on the plus side, my grocery bill should go down (sorry grammie - yes, those 2 are quite the eaters).

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Lisa said...

I love your timeline of when school starts. Can't believe that summer is almost over. My Tyler will be so bored. He's been having so much fun with his brother and sisters around. Lisa