Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Starr's 11th B-Day!

It doesn't seem like that long along ago, our little Starr was just a baby...she's grown up so quickly and is blossoming into a beautiful young lady.

This year for her birthday, she decided she wanted us to take she and 6 of her best girlfriends to the drive-in to see the newly released HANNA MONTANA MOVIE! We loaded up our van and our truck with her friends and all of our own family and ventured out on a cool rainy Saturday. Knowing earlier they had Easter festivities planned, we arrived 3 hours early and ate pizza, watched Starr open presents and then went to the main area where the theatre had FREE train rides, a jumping house, games, magician, bunny walking around, and balloons. It's like they did my party for me -- and for free! And because it was cooler than normal -- there was hardly anyone was awesome!

Once the movie started, we filled the back of the truck with blankets and sleeping bags and let the girls have that area while my family took the van. Every time Hanna Montana would start singing, they would get up and start cute. What a fun age! Starr said it was her 'best birthday ever'!

The group of girls eating pizza...

Starr really really wanted a Yo Gabba Gabba Cake (go figure....)
She's a happy girl!
Getting ready to open presents....
Yes! Yo Gabba Gabba toys!!!

Now to play.....rides on the train were first on the list....however, they rode over and over and over again! The Easter Bunny rode with the girls most of the time.

The EB posing with 2 of Starr's friends.
I had to FORCE Starr to pose with him -- she tried to avoid him most of the time.
Steve's having way too much fun! What a good sport!
My kids playing this game -- pick a duck and see what prize you win!
Starr and Josh in the jumping house!
The girls settled in the back of the truck getting ready to watch the movie!
The boys set to watch the movie, also.


tidwell said...

That was a fun party! Janae loved it.

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Starr!

Stacey said...

Looks like fun! I love the cakes you make for your kids' birthdays! Could you come teach me??

Anonymous said...

What a fun party!! But then again any day with the Hartman's is a party! The cake was super cute. It looks like something from tip junkie.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is Erica.

mpal said...

How fun!

Team Harris said...

OH she's so beautiful! I LOVE her braces... way cute! Looks like you guys had a blast! (BTW... how was the movie? Clean? My 7yo loves Hannah!)

KC Mom said...

Happy Birthday Starr!!

Anonymous said...

Starr is such a cutie, her baby pic looks just like her! What a fun birthday, I really enjoyed the picture towards the end showing how "thrilled" the boys were to be at a Hanna Montana movie, lol!

Teresa said...

Yes, the movie was VERY CLEAN...SQUEEKY in fact. Stacey, thanks for the compliments about the cake -- it got pretty beat up on the way to the theatre...but Starr was happy.
And my boys tolerated it -- the only way I could get Jeff there was to tell him that's where the food was, so if he wanted to eat he had to go.

Anonymous said...

Just found out Yo Gabba Gabba was made by two mormon dudes who happen to be dads and former missionaries. Pretty cool.