Friday, April 3, 2009

Ephrata Anniversary Trip Highlights

I really need to finish getting this trip blogged....ball game practices have started and my life has become crazy, which is only going to get worse. So hopefully this is it!

Of course, no trip to Ephrata is complete without a trip to DK's restaurant....where we scarfed down huge burgers, onion rings, tarter sauce, etc. It's our favorite place and usually first stop when we're in town. Jeff and Jessica enjoyed it -- along with all of us!

Grandpa and Terri are fed well.

Here we are eating yet again.... On Friday late afternoon, we reserved a room at Time-Out Pizza where family and close friends from out of town had a place to gather and eat dinner before the reception that evening. It was sooo fun and the pizza was wonderful!

THE BIG NIGHT! The reception at the Ivy Chapel was a success. Steve's sister, Terri was the brains behind the operation while the rest of us helped her out. It really was beautiful. Here's the happy couple celebrating 50 years!

Standing in line with Steve's mom was her original maid of honor from her wedding.

Emi's job was clearing tables -- she did a nice job.

Starr's job was sitting at the sign-in table. This is a rare glance at her actually sitting there.
Barbara had her actual wedding dress displayed. It was so beautiful!

My sister-in-law Kreanna and her daughter Aleigha. Something must have been funny -- can't remember what it was!

Joseph --- "See mom, it's only water THIS time."
Steve and Starr standing near the receiving line.
Jon, Terri and Aunt Ronnie

Taking time to enjoy some cake.

The wedding cake. It was really gorgeous.

Steve and Jeff ran in the Canal Caper 10k .... an annual race Ephrata has that Steve used to run in while he was HS. It was so fun for him this year to actually run with his son! Jeff's goal was run it in less one hour...his time was 56 minutes. Steve was about 20 minutes later....

Our good friend, Mike Perry, from our days in Montana, came over (he lives near Spokane) to cheer Steve on and to spend part of the day with us.

One of the last things we did while there was to visit the cemetery and the grave site where our sweet Amanda is buried. The cemetery is much prettier during the summer when the grass is green.

What a great trip. It was so fun to re-connect with family members and friends. Looking back, we're so happy we went and can't think of a thing we would change -- except for perhaps left Arizona earlier in the week so we could have had a longer stay!


Team Harris said...

LOVE all the pictures! The party was so much fun! We're so glad we got to connect with you guys! Ethan saw the pictures this morning and said, "Oh, those are my friends that I made in Ephrata!"

Lisa said...

Looks like a great trip. I love family vacations the best so do my kids. Amanda's gravesite is really pretty- What does it say? I couldn't read it.