Sunday, March 29, 2009

Snow Fix - SOLVED!

I know for most of you across the country, you're sick of seeing snow! But we in Arizona, specially my children, have been whining all winter long about not being able to go up north and play in the snow. So after we finished our sight-seeing day in Seattle during spring break, we headed out of town and were driving across the beautiful Snoqualmie Pass and we see TONS of snow. We stopped at a recreation area on the summit and found a perfect place for us to play. (Everyone except for poor Josh who was asleep in the van.) Fortunately, it was only 6pm and still light outside. It was an unexpected surprise for the kids!

Mounds of snow everywhere to climb on from the snow plows.

I'm trying my best to work on a little snowman. My "gloves" are actually socks we all pulled from your suite cases.
Our work of 'art' finished -- the kids were wet and cold after 30 minutes and ready to leave!


Geoff and Emily said...

Yeah, my kids are wet, cold and tired of the snow after the first 30 minutes.... but unfortunately we CAN'T leave! Aargh! It is supposed to snow 5 out of the next 7 days here! Yuck! Enjoy Mesa for us, OK?

Stacey said...

Awesome - For spring break you go in search of snow, we go in search of spring. We'll send you some snow! Do you get 2 weeks of Spring Break? If you do - you are LUCKY!! We only get a Thur, Fri, then the following Mon. Hardly enough time to go anywhere.