Friday, May 15, 2009

A Home Run Season!

WE DID IT! We're still around to report we survived 4 kids on 4 different softball/baseball/t-ball teams...and once again, this is a picture of my view during the past 2 months (in's actually been 4 different locations).

We've enjoyed it....although it became tricky to juggle 7-8 games Monday-Thursday on top of school and church activities --but with the help of friends and family we managed just fine. (We actually recruited many of the kids friends to sign-up to play ball so carpooling was a huge bonus!)

Jeff seemed to play much better being in a more 'relaxed' league. He was even able to pitch some games.

Starr and her best friend, Janae played on the same team together. Go Red Devils!

Emi was the lucky one whose turn it was to have her dad coach her team. Next year he'd like to coach Starr's team. I think Steve was just happy their shirts weren't pink this year.

And poor Joseph. Everytime I went to his game, I'd forget my camera. He was adorable playing t-ball....but grew tired of it near the end of the season. His last game he decided he was bored with the whole game and decided to hit the ball and play outfield LEFT-HANDED....he sure had his coach confused.

And these are our cheerleaders!!!!

Until next season!!! Bring it on!!!!!!!


Terri said...

Nice job Teresa on you blog up dates.
It was a great season. I really enjoyed being able to go to more games this year. I'm sorry i didn't get to any of Josephs, but there's always next year

KC Mom said...

How fun to see things from your point of view! What a fun family you have!

Barbara said...

I remember when Jeff was just starting t-ball...time goes so fast. Sorry I missed all those games too!!! Is Janae really taller than Starr?

Stacey said...

Did you get a tan watching all those games?? OOPS - I forgot you live in AZ where the tan is a given year round. Looks like fun!