Thursday, June 11, 2009


I'm back! I know...since school's been out, it's been crazy ... and family has been reminding me they need updates! So here it is. I even uploaded my camera card in hopes of discovering some interesting stuff. This is all I have folks .....

Well, there's the slip and slide we got out for Memorial Day weekend --- and in one short day totally killed the grass underneath it -- so we won't be doing that again anytime soon!

Josh's version of "sliding"...ha ha!

We finally have time to get out the Rock Band again --- and since this picture was taken, the boys ALL have buzz hair cuts.

Last but not least....Starr's dance recital was at the end of May. Her entire recital was based off of the movie Oliver Twist, so this was a song she performed for was wonderful! (Starr is wearing a tan vest -- and is dancing with her BFF, Janae.)

My kids are so fun this summer -- I was telling a few people this week that I wish I could just freeze all of their ages. Finally, I don't feel like the entertainment committee constantly, we either have friends over or they are hanging out with friends. Even my 2 little boys seem entertained enough.

Watch for more updates soon as we have some good stuff coming up this summer....such as:

Jeff's Eagle Project (he'll be soliciting help as soon as he gets the rest of his approval signatures -- but at least write-up is done!)

A family trip to Moab, Utah -- I should be packing since we leave in the morning!

Some potty training -- Starr and her friends have been working on that with Josh for me.

San Diego --- my kids look forward to this trip the most (hummm...cousins and the fun fun).

I haven't even started my count down to school starting --- that's good for me. You'll know when you see it that I've officially had it! Happy Summer Everyone!

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