Sunday, June 21, 2009

Moab Trip!

Our big summer trip was heading up to Moab to visit my parents and to show my kids where I spent MANY summers growing up. You never know what the June weather will bring since it's a desert climate, but we lucked out and had the most PERFECT weather -- the hottest it got was mid 80's with lows in the 60's. Perfect for dragging all these kids on lots of hiking trails.

Our first hike was at Arches National Park. We decided to hike to Delicate Arch FIRST -- getting the hardest one over with. And actually, it's the most beautiful and famous one also -- the same arch seen on all the Utah license plates. It was 3 miles round trip -- but seemed MUCH LONGER, especially since we're taking along a 3 year old!

Joseph and Jeff starting up the trail.Taking a water break....we're almost there!
We made it!
As we rounded the corner...Starr was mumbling how it better be worth it! Then as soon as it came into view, she yells, "THAT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT!"
Delicate Arch!

We were relieved our next arch was .2 miles round trip. Whew? That's a nothing'...we can manage that. It's called Skyline Arch.

The kids loved all the rocks to climb.

Balance Rock.
Our day trip ended at the Visitor Center. And boy, were we wiped out!

Every time we visit, my parents take us up on the MOUNTAIN close by. It's so gorgeous up there and NORMALLY a nice reprieve from the heat. This time it was soooo COLD. Maybe not cold...just a little COOL. But we always have a great time in the tall trees...the kids played hide and seek, and we enjoyed the nice cool fresh air. After our picnic, Steve took took the kids on the 2 mile hike down to the lake.

Grandpa and Jeff...
Starr's having fun!

The boys at the Lake.

The view by the lake was gorgeous!

Grandma enjoying eating watermelon with the kiddos.

They have great parks in Moab -- perfect for laying around on REAL GRASS and RELAXING!
I think all my kids learned how to play Frisbee....and got pretty good too!

The little boys enjoyed throwing rocks in this stream near the park.
My dad lives down the street from the movie my family was excited to see UP was playing while we were visiting.

We had so much fun at Arches National Park, we did even more hiking a couple of days here are some random hiking pictures.

Joshua insisted on taking this picture....

Yep, on my shoulders at Windows Arch......

This is Double Arch...where they filmed the beginning of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. (We had to watch it at my dad's house after we hiked it.)
Sand Dune arch was sooo cool...and tucked away in these rocks. The sand was so fine and was everywhere. My little boys were wishing they had brought their buckets and shovels.
Posing under Sand Dune Arch.
MORE and MORE rocks to climb (oh ya, they were loving this)!
We had such a wonderful time. And amazingly didn't even see the whole park -- we have an entire section yet to explore in a couple of years (more advance hiking -- so it will be good when Josh is older). My dad took Jeff golfing one morning while we were there and now created a monster -- the golfing bug has bit him. Another big thanks to my dad and Ruth for hosting us and for those AWESOME dinners. Such great memories were made!


Sean and Shari Tate said...

WOW-Looks like an amazing place!

Kreanna said...

Those are some AMAZING pictures!!! Looks like you guys had a really great time! Love the family pictures of you guys. Good lookin' family! :)

KC Mom said...

That looks like the most amazing trip! The scenery is just beautiful! And it looks like you had a great time with each other. I think you picked the perfect time of year to go.

Anonymous said...

*sniff* *sniff* I miss hiking in moab *sniff* Wow you guys got a lot of hiking in, way cool! Memories...

Urie's said...

thanks for the pictures. Im so glad you had such a great time. Looking at the pictures all I can think is how lucky your kids are to have each other. Its weird when you are down to one.

Julie said...

Looks fun! We will have to go there. Looks like something from a Star Wars movie. Welcome back! We'll have to squeeze in a playdate for the girls (and us!)