Monday, September 24, 2007

All in the Name of Family Fun

I can't believe how much work it takes for our family (a family of 7) to go camping for 24 hours. I have to admit, I kept asking myself the whole time preparing to leave for our Ward Family Campout if it was worth it, but all in all -- I suppose so. We did all come home sleep deprived - but isn't that normal? Afterall, I did tell my 9 year old, "We don't go camping to get a good night sleep." Our sleep would have been better if Emi didn't wake up in the middle of the night telling us she felt like we had to "throw up". So I walked her to the outhouse (that smell alone would make you want to throw up), and we walked around, but she didn't get sick. After I tucked her into bed, I had a hard time going back to sleep thinking she was going to puke all over the inside of the tent. I have to admit, if she did that - I'd have to throw the tent away - I don't think there's getting rid of that smell! But anyway, she was fine the rest of the night. And all in all, we got out of town and broke up the "same of thing" type of weekend and my kids were able to just hang out with friends and play with sticks and rocks - the area was beautiful.

Sunday we were able to attend Nate Johnson's mission farewell --- he did a fabulous job! He shared with us some of his Nauvoo experiences during the summer -- if you didn't know Nate and you were listening to his talk, you'd have a hard time telling if he was coming or going. All in all, we hung out with family all day at the Johnsons and thanks to Aunt Jackie, received some awesome foot rubs as an extra bonus to the great food. Anything's great when I don't have to cook. (No offense, Mignon.) I didn't take my camera to Mignon's but Bert was taking pictures and will hopefully have those posted on his blog. (hint-hint)

And now as a side note to those wanting to make those orange balls. Evidently, the recipe came back to mom when she saw my post and said she did add a small amount of powdered milk to the orange balls at the end to give them a firmer texture and roll into balls more easily (they were pretty sticky when I made them). I'll have to give them another try - my family's already asking for more!

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