Saturday, September 15, 2007

Is it fall yet?

It's suppose to be 105 today, so I wouldn't know if fall is here or not! Someday it's gonna cool down - hopefully sooner and not later, and then we'll be out at the parks again riding bikes and enjoying the outdoors after a long summer. It's so close, I can just see it now! My weekend has been uneventful, and I've been very unmotivated lately. It probably has something to do with Steve leaving on a "business trip" Thursday for a few days. I get so lazy when he leaves -- it probably has something to do with him getting "smoozed" on this trip by flying first class to Ohio, eating at restaurants other than McDonalds and Chuckee Cheese, going to a Cleveland Indians game, museums, and staying in nice hotels in a room by himself with no kids in his bed. Do I sound bitter? Naaahh, at least one of us should feel rested by next week.

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