Sunday, September 30, 2007


There hasn't been much going on this week .. well, that is, if you don't count the Arizona Diamondbacks making it to the doesn't get much better than that at my house! We're a bunch of D-Backs fans if you can't tell.

My kids are anxiously awaiting basketball season to start next week. By process of elimination, Steve will once again be coaching Jeff's team --- he usually coaches his baseball team, so this is a whole new challenge - but we all know he'll do a terrific job. The good news for mom? Well, the coach usually picks practice locations -- and Steve is setting up practices at the park near our house --- hurray...that should save me a ton in gas! Starr will start B-ball also -- her FIRST Season. Steve attended the parent meeting and she'll be attending an "established" team that holds a 3 year undefeated record.... hummmm...... should be interesting to see how that ones goes. I'll keep you updated. It's been nice to not have my kids in a TONS of things this year. The girls are enjoying NOT dancing and having more free time to play with friends. However, I am feeling some guilt about not starting piano yet this season with the older kids. I'll have to remedy that soon.

Oh, and I have to add....Josh started going to nursery at church today!!!! I can hardly believe he's already 18 months old. It was a good day!! YEAHH!!!!!!!! Sunday I come!

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