Thursday, November 1, 2007


I believe we experienced a "Halloween hangover" this morning. Boy, was it hard to get the kids up and going this morning. And I can only imagine what the poor teachers at school are going to go through today. I think they should change Halloween to the last Friday of the month -- just like they have Thanksgiving on the third Thursday of November. It should would make things easier for everyone.

ANYHOW, we had a great time last night. We attended a HUGE (bi-ward) trunk or treat across the street from our house in our church parking lot. Cousins Jessica and Becca joined along with us. Along with trick or treating they provided hot dogs with all the fixins and a D.J. for some additional entertainment. I could hardly pry Emi off the dance floor at the end - she was having a ball with her 2 little girlfriends dancing away. As for costumes, Emi went as a rock star, Starr a movie star, Joshua was Superman, Joseph was some Star Wars guy, and Jeff....we're not quite sure if there's a name for him, he just threw on some stuff. As for Steve's costume, he couldn't resist dressing as a hippie basketball coach. Oh, and Katie is in a picture..see if you can find her. Enjoy the pics!

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