Sunday, November 25, 2007

We're not THANKFUL for the flu!

Well, what can I say that the title doesn't? And yes, the flu hit us in the midst of Turkey Day! Baby Josh came down with it the night of Joseph's birthday and then just as we were getting ready to head over to Mignon's house for Thanksgiving on Thursday, Joseph got sick. Poor Steve had to skip out on dinner and stay home with him while the rest of us went on to Mignon's. Then I came home around 5pm to trade places with Steve so he could go to Mignon's and watch football with the guys and about 1/2 hour after I arrived home I became ill with the stomach flu. (Yes, that means I had to miss BLACK FRIDAY sales.... ) I came out of it enough to spend a little time with family on Friday night - but that's when it hit Jeff. As of this moment no one new has gotten it in the family...knock on wood. Regardless, my kids really enjoyed their cousins - and it was great to see all of my long lost cousins! Can't wait to do it again in 2 years. And hope we didn't get anyone else out there sick!

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