Friday, January 18, 2008

One of my New Year's Goals....

As you can see from my meter on the side.....I'm really into saving and debt reduction lately....and since I'm such a visual person, I put a meter on the side to track our progress. Don't ask me where I got the meter...cuz I did a "view source" from someone elses blog that had one and then copy, pasted, and edited the HTML to fit my needs. Don't be too impressed, I have no idea of what I was doing, but now I'm thinking I may take an HTML class once all my little ones get into school. Could be fun. Back to fiances... can't wait to be completely debt free -- although most of it is Steve's truck, but I love goals...and a focus!

PS If any of you know HTML and know how to fix 8% sign, let me know. It's driving me crazy. (Look under view source to see what I did.)

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