Friday, January 4, 2008

Seeing More Clearly....and other updates.

Well, someone had to inherit Steve's bad eyes, and it looks like Emi was the lucky one! She was so excited when we picked them up the other day and was in awe looking around at what she's missed... it made me feel very guilty for not getting them for her sooner.

Also, The doctor put Starr's permanent BLUE cast on her yesterday and she only has to wear it for 3 weeks. Actually, after next Thursday, she can start walking on it. She's excited to get back to school so she can be one of the lucky ones to use the evavator.

And boy, have we been enjoying our Wii....with the cool weather outside LAST week (yes, it was in the chilly 50's burrrrr...and windy) and kids stuck inside, not to mention since Starr can't play outside, no one wants to, they've been having a ball playing with it. Dad and Ruth were even here yesterday playing it with the kids! Oh, and with weather finally nice THIS week...high 60's - low 70's, we finally enjoyed a day the zoo! Now, school can start!

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