Saturday, March 15, 2008

17 Years and Still HAPPY!

Seventeen years, we can hardly believe it's been that long! And I feel fortunate enough to be married to my best friend. I couldn't imagine being married to a better, more fun, dependable, spiritual, hard-working guy. I'm so grateful for our compatibility, we have so much in common, yet we compliment each other. So here's to eternity...we still have a long way to go! (Thank goodness.)

My kids get a kick out of this picture. They think we both look pretty scary (especially mom and her puffy hair). Emi said yesterday, "I can't believe that was the style in the old days!" Since when did I live in the old days -- that's when my parents lived!! Anyway, this is a photo of the night Steve proposed to me -- it included a night with a limo, fancy restaurant, and the Theatre. What a romantic!

This picture is of us on our 10th wedding anniversary cruise in Mexico. Doesn't Steve look cute? Anyway, no cruise for us, at least not until we celebrate the big 20..then we'll do something big again. We used to leave our children and get away for a day or so, but now since we have so many children, it's too much work to leave them all over, it's dinner and a movie for us and then we'll take off for a family trip to CA on Monday.

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