Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lovin' Hanna Montana!

Okay, so maybe we all don't love Hanna Montana, but my 2 girls sure do! And since I didn't score them tickets a few months ago when she went on tour, I decided the least I could do was take them to see her in concert at the I-MAX in 3D. I think it should be leaving the theatre anyday now, and I wanted to take them before it was too late. It worked out for me too since it was about 1/3 the price as concert tickets, and no screaming girls in my ear! Needless to say, they were so excited and Starr invited her best friend, Janae to come along.

The I-Max ROCKED! We went to the 5:30 showing and were surprised to find out we were the only ones who bought tickets for that showing and had the 400 seat theatre to ourselves! The girls felt very uninhibited since no one else was watching them and rocked out. They were dancing everywhere, up and down the isle, down the stairs, on the stage...it was a blast for them, and hopefully made some great memories.

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