Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter. We arrived from our trip to California Saturday night, so we were able to enjoy a low-key family day on Sunday. My kids really look forward to Easter, and fortunately, the Easter Bunny didn't let them down this year -- that sneeky bunny always hides their baskets, along with filled eggs, in the back yard for the kids to find. And with Easter so early this year, you can see how ugly my yard is still -- the grass won't start turning green and the flowers won't usually start blossoming until April...but oh well, what can I say. After baskets, we enjoyed church and then a fun family dinner at Steve's sisters house. In the past, we've tried to make the day more spiritual -- but it was tough on Sunday with being our first day back from vacation. Hope all of you enjoyed your day, also.

Emi was excited to see what was in her basket -- mainly a new book she had been wanting....

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