Monday, June 23, 2008


You all know I love my kids, but is this premature?

I made this widget at

My brother is getting married the day after school starts (Aug. 7th), and I swear his fiance thinks I'm off my rocker because I can tell her exactly how many weeks she has before she gets married -- I have to remind her I'm not counting down to her wedding (although, I am excited for it), I'm counting down to when my kids return to school -- although there's still much to do in the meantime.

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Ann said...

I love it. I love my kids too, but summer reminds me why I'm thankful for the school year. Then the school year reminds me why I'm thankful for summer. I think I have a few more days than you! Did I tell you I plan on making a trip there in Sept? I'm so excited!