Monday, June 2, 2008

So Far....So Good....

Steve was commenting to me after he saw that the kids return to school Aug. 6th, that the summer seems to be getting shorter every year. I, however, have learned not to much as I enjoy having my kids home during the summer, I am ALWAYS ready to have them return to school. And with almost 11 days into summer vacation, and I thought I'd report what we're up to thus far and what our summer plans are...

Jeffrey: Has been busy finishing up his baseball season, in fact, his team advanced pretty far in the little league playoffs with only 2 more brackets to go, but because of the rain delays, the season (and championship) went into THIS week. The conflict: Scout camp is also this week (Monday-Saturday). So with 4 boys on the team (and coach) involved in scout camp, the coach made the tough decision to forfeit the remaining games. I feel so badly for the other players who deserved to move on, but didn't really want to without all the players. However, I'm grateful for a coach (Jeff Brown, our former bishop) who knows the importance of scouting and choosing it over baseball. It was a good lesson for the 4 boys in our ward to learn -- good, better, and best. Baseball is good, but scouting is best. So needless to say, Jeff's busy at scout camp this week, I'm sure having a WONDERFUL time forgetting about he baseball championship games! As for the rest of the summer, I guess some down time (is that good?), hanging out with friends, and a trip to Washington state in July.

Starr: Hummmm....when her BFF is out of town (which has been alot so far), she's not a happy camper. Fortunately, she has Boredom Busters (sponsored by the Parks and Rec....they do inside games, crafts, and take the kids swimming) most afternoons and some down-time in the mornings. She's also leaving for Washington late July.

Emi: Similar to Starr with Boredom Busters and then swimming lessons scheduled for July.

Joseph: Summer School for reading...(boy, will he be the smartest kid to start kindergarten or what?) and swimming lessons in July also.

Josh: Continue to see a speech therapist and development specialist to get him talking....not great progress so far (as you can see from my chart on the right), but we're still hopeful.

FAMILY PLANS: Hopefully, a trip to San Deigo in July and a camping trip later this month, but not much else planned.

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Holly said...

busy busy busy... how do you keep up with all the kids!