Friday, June 6, 2008

Our "Fun Fridays"!

Over the past few years during the summer, our family has developed the tradition of "FUN FRIDAYS"! The kids are pretty much on their own during the other days, if they're not busy with summer programs, however, on Fridays, since there is usually nothing going on, we try to make that day special by doing some fun things like visiting museums, swimming, ice skating, library, etc. For our FUN FRIDAY today - since it wasn't blistering hot (the public pools are still too cool for me, personally), we put the blow up pool under the slide and the kids played all afternoon, then it was off to Sonic for their "happy-hour" half-price drinks. After Josh's nap we headed over to In-And-Out Burger for dinner and then to San Tan Village for shopping and water fun! Going to San Tan Village was quite a treat for the kids since the last time we were there was in NOVEMBER! Frankly, we're just not mall shopping people. Anyway, just thought you'd like an example of how we're spending part of our least the Fridays of our summer.


Holly said...

Sounds like tons of fun! Good way to kick off the weekend! I bet the kids love it. When I was a kid we had 7-11 day and all I really remember from elementary age is chanting "7-11 day" all the way to the car on fridays. Now your kids can remember "fun fridays" in the summer!! Ok.... thats it, I am totally copying your fun friday idea. Thanks for sharing!

Casey and Tiffany Orvin said...

Great idea with the FunFridays!!! I struggle with what to do on Fridays...thanks for the suggestions. You guys are such a fun family :)