Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Family Zoo Fun

To begin our Fall Break, we spent a day at the Phoenix Zoo...we couldn't have asked for more perfect weather (in the 70's). I usually get to the zoo pretty often with my younger children, but in 10 years, Steve's only been there once, so having their dad with us made it really fun for my kids. Also, my sister, Katie, tagged along with us --- for some strange reason, loves to hang out with my kids.

For some reason, my family really enjoyed the animal statues. Perhaps we should have visited a museum instead!


Barbara said...

These pictures of the children with the statues are terrific. I have always LOVED statues too, so it doesn't seem surprising to me at all. I wish I had been there!! It was interesting to see which animals each one chose.

Barbara said...
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Urie's said...

I love the zoo. Your pictures are great.