Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Hola, amigos!! Well, we survived yet another trip down to Rocky Point this year. I believe this is my family's favorite vacation, after all, what other vacation do we go on where the kids get to hang out for days on end with their closest friends. Sun sun sun....lots of sunshine, but NO wind (I hate wind) - we couldn't have asked for better weather -- except for some overcast skies while we were packing up would have been nice. Last year we did our top 10 list of things we loved about Mexico, but this year I was interviewing the kids on the way home and was going to post their favorite moments/activities, but everyone had the same favorites....riding the banana boats and staying up late playing cards with their friends. Mine and Steve's favorites were also the same -- sitting on the beach under the shade with our feet in the cool sand and visiting with our friends while watching our kids play on the beach. Aaaahhh...heaven!

Always a matter of priority to get the hair braided first thing....

Then there's the famous banana boat rides (or whale boat ride). Thanks to Bro. Loves price negotiating (or economics lesson to the boat owner), each person was charged $3/verses $5 in past years. Our large group sure kept their boats going all afternoon most days.

This is part of our large group -- colorful, aren't we? See my Joshua sitting in the sand? Everytime I would take a picture with him in it, he would shake his head and say "noooooooo" and start crying.
Emi and her cute friends...

Between everyone's contribution - we had lots of "toys" to enjoy in the water. The most popular by far, was the ocean kayak the Evans family brought along.

Enjoying the beach!

Steve and the kids did lots of snorkeling....the water was clearer than we've ever seen it!
One of my favorite memories of this trip would be with Joseph and his best friend Reese (both 5 years old) -- they are pretty inseparable. Anyway, our last day on the beach, towards the end of the day, I spot Reese all decked out in his brothers snorkeling gear...fins, snorkel, etc.) flopping to the edge of the water with Joseph following closely behind wearing a life jacket -- according to Reeses story, he was going to go snorkeling in the "deep water" and if he started drowning, Joseph would be right behind him wearing his life jacket to save him. I just couldn't get to my camera fast enough...but I laughed so hard. Cute boys. This is my only picture this year I could find I took of Reese and Joseph. Reese is the one of the wave runner with Joseph next to him on the crab.

And yep, a few sunburns were discovered. Ouch.

What a fun trip. Our many thanks to the Anderson family who coordinate this trip every year. We can't wait until next year!


Cheryl Kanenwisher said...

What a fun fall break! You're right, that water looks so clear. I've never been to Rocky Point...may have to check that out.

Kreanna said...

Looks like you had a wonderful trip!! What a great place to get away! It sounds like you all had a GREAT time!

Urie's said...

Great Pictures! Im glad your family got to have such a great time and make great memories. Fun Fun Fun