Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2009 Christmas Recap

I believe the technical word for what I'm about to do is called 'blog barf'. Don't pay attention to the smell..haha. And I think I did this last year too -- my apologies.

Our ward Christmas party included visits with Santa. I'm so glad there's a picture of Emi wearing her boots, as I don't think she took them off the entire month because she loved them so much.

Doesn't Joseph look excited?

My big Joshua....wasn't even scared. Brave boy.

We made gingerbread houses....the boys house....

verses the girls house....
Our Family Christmas Eve party. Two cousins....I love this picture.

The pinata. I couldn't find a Christmas themed one, but this one did great. However, he was almost too cute to break!
But we did it anyway.....poor thing.
The favorite white elephant gift exchange.
We have a tradition of opening pj's on Christmas eve....however this year, as Steve's mom's gift to us, she made us all pajama pants......we loved them. Steve and I got frogs on ours (yes, there's a story in there somewhere that I won't go in to.)
This year they all matched what the kids loved....the little boys have Curious George on theirs, Emi has butterflies/flowers, Starr has stars and Jeff and sports. Can't wait to see what she comes up with next year.

Christmas morning.....

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Barbara said...

Thank you for those PJ pictures. Looks like a fun Christmas.