Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jan/Feb Recap

This is what our family has been up to since 2010!

**Our annual New Year's hike in the superstition mountains.

**Steve assistant coaching Starr's volleyball team.

** Parent night/orientations for Jr. High and High School...not to mention helping kids figure our school schedules.

**Boy Scouts --trying to get caught up, organized, and have almost succeeded. Just finished putting on a Scout Court of Honor last week.

**In the middle of another art show at Costco....done this weekend and then I can tackle the next project...yeah!

Coming up....yard work (thanks to all this rain), garden planting, anniversary, and softball season....gotta love it all!

1 comment:

Barbara said...

Man, by the time I get to move down there I'll be too old for all those fun things.