Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Our December.....

One word describes our December....puzzles!

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After getting reaquainted with an old friend, Eric Dowdle, from High School (thanks to facebook), we got to talking and when he learned I work Costco Roadshows with another art company from Utah, he invited to work his show in December. It was by far the hardest and longest show I've ever worked. It started black Friday in November and went through Christmas. Dowdle Folk Art hired both Steve and myself -- which involved Steve driving a large truck up to SLC, driving it back, and then keeping 3 Costco's stocked with 42 different types of puzzles every day. It was just plain hard work. However, since Steve works in the construction industry, we were grateful for the extra work. Would we do it again? I don't know....I compare it to having a baby -- perhaps after a while the pain will be forgotten. We shall see.

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