Friday, August 20, 2010

“The Best Stop, Ever!!”

So the night before we left my mom’s house, I googled Napolian Dynamite and found out where the movie was filmed. Preston, Idaho….yep, that would work. We were leaving Thursday morning for Rexburg and we would just have to go north through Logan to find it. The kids were so excited…..

After we arrived in Preston, we plugged in the addresses of the specific places in the movie (I got them off the internet), but the GPS, wouldn’t recognize many….it did take us to the elementary school where some tetherball scenes were filmed.


We stopped at a cute place for lunch…..they served kids meals in cowboy hats….so adorable. We then them asked for information – they directed us to the Chamber of Commerce downtown where we picked up a real map. SCORE!!



We located the High School….


Pedro’s House….


And of course…outside of town…..Napolian’s house….

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And the field next door where they kept the llama….


On our way to Rexburg, I listened to quotes from the movie the rest of the way….ha ha. The kids thought it was the BEST STOP EVER!


Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

What a good mom you are.

Anonymous said...

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