Thursday, August 19, 2010

Onward…Ever Onward….

After picking up Starr near Provo – who just finished floating the Provo River with her friend Jillian, we headed to South Jordan to have dinner with my two stepsisters, Kristi and Karen, and meet their families. I’m ashamed to say I hadn’t seen them since HS. I’ve always tried to keep up with their lives through my parents and Facebook, but it was so good to see them in person.

That evening we again drove to Evanston, Wyoming to spend the night with my mom and Paul. We got in pretty late – but they had their new large camping trailer waiting for us and my kids thought it was the best. To wind down the kids, they watched Napolian Dynamite…..which gave me an idea…..more later…..


We spent all of Wednesday with mom and Paul, showing us the Buffalo Preserve and enjoying the park – the weather was amazing….probably low 80’s high 70’s. That night my mom threw a barbeque with more family members, inviting more family living close by. My kids had no idea I have so many step-sisters…and that they had so many cousins.

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