Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summer Road Trip…..Montana here we come!

Honestly, the idea of making a long road trip with 5 kids was making me nervous. Afterall, our family can’t drive 15 minutes from our house without the kids fighting with each other. The most we drive is 6 hours to San Deigo once or twice a year and that’s torture enough. So to make a 2-3 day trip up north….well you can imagine the dread. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve made numerous family trips before….but in an airplane…duh. However, when the economy took a dive, well, so did our paychecks…..on top of our expanding family. It’s no longer become so affordable.

But yep, we promised cousin Leona we’d come. She was in charge of the family reunion in Montana this year. And Montana…how I love Montana. Steve and I lived there for 2 years while he was getting his Master’s Degree in Missoula. One of the best times of our married lives. And sooo gorgeous – well, summer time, anyway. How could we not go?

I mentally planned (yes, I’m a planner) for a while…and honestly, it got to the point were I was actually looking forward to this trip. The biggest obstacle, however, was making the trip in our van. Let’s just say, “Vanna” is 11 years old – 135,000 miles and not that dependable these days. Steve’s truck, that seats 6, is half the age…half the miles. So it was decided we’d take the truck…but how to fit of 7 into a truck that seats 6.

The plan….

  • Emi flys up 1 week before to spend a week with grandparents and meets us at the reunion.
  • Steve couldn’t get much time off work, so he flew up to Missoula on Wednesday – to hang out with the Kanenwisher clan for 2 days until Terri picks him up on the way to the reunion.
  • Starr is already in SLC on a ‘girls’ trip – so I’ll pick her up on the way.
  • Leave the Saturday before with only the 3 boys. We spend Sat. night – Tues morning in Moab with my parents.
  • Pick up Starr in SLC on Tuesday,
  • Visit my mom in Evanston on Wednesday,
  • Rexburg Thursday – picking up my niece, Becca for the reunion.
  • Arrive at the reunion Friday.

Coming home….

  • Steve drives home with me. Yes, Steve…all the way home.
  • Jeff and Starr go home with Grandpa and Grandma Hartman and fly home a week later.
  • Drop off Becca in Rexburg on the way home.
  • Steve and I have the 3 little kids, so we’re going to do the ‘Temple Square things’ on the way home…oh, and go through Vegas….a first for us.

With this plan in mind…..let the trip begin!! (Yep, Josh…I feel your pain!)

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